Kamis, 29 November 2012

Pelet Semar Mesem

Semar pellets are pellets Mesem ancient Javanese nourishment from the soil is well-known potent to subdue women. Semar pellets Mesem this proven and tested nutritional able subdue and conquer the woman you love, enough with your smiles capital.
Semar pellets pellets Mesem is one powerful high level very nice to make your partner crazy addict, people will go with the wearer subjected her bow. The hit will miss and reflected shadow with you day and night, and want to see you. Do not turn up a day seemed a week, do not turn up a week seemed a month. People you direction or target you will want to see you turn your half dead and so homesick.
Pellets formula Mesem Semar Semar means smile the, Semar is a highly authoritative figure, respected, and the like where where and like to help each other. And have the authority and influence of his aura of love is very high. Semar pellets ijazahkan Mesem we are equipped with mini keris mesem Semar, as your grip and healthy can make you look attractive and you like the opposite sex.
Semar Mesem formula is one of the pellets and the popular mantra that many are among society as a mantra to subdue a person's heart, even if that person does not have love. People will be so missed and terbayang2 with you. No wonder ajian Semar is very lively mesem used as pellets within NSA, as well as Rocking horse formula.
Though many mesem Semar mantra familiar, but very rarely do that know and master certain of this mesem ajian Semar. Therefore, we intend to help you to grasp 100% correct. Plus with her charms. Kris mini mesem Semar.
With this Mesem Semar pellets, then the intended person will smile so the request directly fascinated and attracted to you. Every word you utter words that will be trusted by the target, your smile will look attractive and seductive. Even if she does not know you.

Niat ingsun amtek ajiku semar mesem,
mut-mut anku inten,
cahyaning manjing ing pilinganku kiwa tengen,
sing nyawang kegiwang,
opo maneh jabang bayine......... teka welas teka asih marang jabang bayiku.

Fasting mutih 7 days and starch geni day and night